Presidents & Markets: What the election means for you

By Art Haws, CFP| Guest Column for the Nashville Business Journal | November 2016

Presidents and Markets: What the election means for you

With the election finally over and President Trump preparing to enter office in January, it’s time to take stock of what having a new president means for us. The truth is that this election cycle has been tough and extremely uncertain, with the media predicting market instability. So now that the election is over, what exactly does it mean for you?

First, we need to acknowledge that fact that our financial markets will most likely be impacted. However, this impact might be less than we’ve been lead to believe. On election night, when it became apparent that Trump would win, the S&P 500 futures market was down as much as 700 points. However, the market bounced back Wednesday morning, opening approximately 76 points up, and traded up during parts of the day.

A good way to gauge the impact of this election is to take a look at the impact of past presidential elections.

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